SIMPLE, Exciting New Legislation Offered to Congress by the Citizens of the United States

 Democracy at Work -
                                 The Laws Made Simple Project

Promoting Change

Fed up with politics in this country? We are too! This is not a partisan issue. We have a Congress that is simply unable to tackle the real issues confronting our great country. Let’s change our country by having democracy work for us again.

Convert frustration in action. The plan is to write simple to understand pieces of legislation, post them on the Internet, develop support for them and then demand that all members of Congress “vote” on these bills as they are written. If millions take the time to vote yes on these bills, Congress will listen.

The goal is to limit legislation to topics that will make America better while resolving issues that seem impossible to manage by Congress.

The Process
Initial drafts of one topic legislation will be developed with the goal of having no bill contain more than 2000 words, or about four pages. They will be posted on line for American Citizens to review. Suggestions for improvement are encouraged, but the goal is not to have debates on the pros or cons of the bill. If you object to the general theme of the proposal, please, just move on.

Once finalized, the proposed legislation will be officially posted and presented to all 535 Congressional members.

How to Participate
The goal is to have every American citizen participate. We commit that any survey information collected can be viewed by all unless offensive (vulgar) language is used. Those comments we will delete.

Promoting This Idea
As might be expected, this is a grass roots effort. We are relying on you and your friends to promote this site to others. You shouldn’t have too difficult a time helping us…do you know anyone who is happy with our current political climate? 

Current Status

This is a work in process. We have posted several possible bills that we may wish to forward to Congress once they have been polished up a bit.  They are here so you get the drift of our effort. All proposed legislation have a simple two question survey at their end so you may contribute to this effort by helping to improve them.  Go for it!