Resume/Bio     ​

Douglas W. Kenny, retired

Voting Preference: Independent


Licensed REALTOR® for over 20 years.

Former President & CEO, American Stock Exchange listed company. Fifteen years in Silicon Valley.

Started and co-owner of a MLS software provider company (EZList MLS).

Extremely well rounded having held VP level positions in accounting, finance, IT, manufacturing and quality with large and small public companies. Started three different companies.

Areas of Expertise

•    Early detection of trends; wants and needs in the marketplace

•    General management (excellent ability with both negotiation and mediation skills)

•    Product management including new product development

•    Market analysis (highly analytical)

 •    Quality and Finance


North Carolina Mountains MLS, LLC                            2008-2015
Chief Operating Officer
Managing the day-to-day activities of about a 2500 member regional MLS.  Developing strategic alliances with all types of companies to promote the use of REALTORS® and enhance the image of REALTOR®S in our markets.  Developing strategic plan to help prepare the regional for the future. First MLS to have in-house showing service for all members.  Currently rated first among all MLSs in data quality by Trulia.

Solid Business Solutions, LLC                                2000-2010
Started MLScompany from scratch with financial backing of local newspaper.  Principal architect of all software and marketing programs. With only 10 employees, company became successful in providing user oriented MLS systems in thirteen different states. Sold accounts to another MLS in late 2010.

Sunstar Realty, Inc.                                                1996-2000
Director of Technology
Managed and provided hands-on effort to design, maintain and service computer systems for a five office real estate firm.

Mostly retired                                                                                                            1990-1995

Koala Technologies, Inc.            (Annual revenues $30,000,000)                                     1986-1990
Chairman, President & CEO
Conducted the successful turn-a-round of a $30 million dollar holding company with interests in high tech, specialty paints, rotational molding and automotive after-market products.

Verbatim Corporation   (Annual revenues $165,000,000)                                                 1979-1986
At various times: Corporate Vice-President, Quality; Vice-President, Latin and Pacific Operations; Vice-President, North American Operations; President of Data Encore, an internal start-up company as well as other positions.

In its day, helped Verbatim become one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley. Learned how to manage both up and down, in good times and bad times.

Rohm and Haas Company (Annual revenues exceeded 1 billion)                                   1972-1978
At various times: President, Consolidated Biomedical Laboratories, Inc.; Treasurer, CBL, Inc; and other various positions in accounting and general management

Education: MBA Georgia State University         BA Southwestern University (Texas)

Family:    Married to wife (PATTY) with three children and eight grandchildren (lost one son to drugs, one grandson murdered at age 17).

Hobbies:  Fishing, gourmet cooking, hunting, golf, reading.Type your paragraph here.

I have been both lucky and blessed, but I have worked hard too. I have had my share of thrilling moments and tragic ones too. I have had periods with more money than I really needed and also periods where I have been dead broke. Some folks think I am pretty bright, but I know I have done plenty of very dumb things in my life. What remains constant, however, is my love for my country. I know most of you share this deep feeling. Before I die, I would like to contribute, in some small way, to helping my country, beyond just voting and donating money to causes. I hope that this site, will, do just that. I am convinced if folks like you and me don't do it, it's just not going to happen. Please join me in this effort.